SURFfilesender: send large files securely and encrypted

Want to send and receive files quickly, securely and easily? With SURFfilesender, you can send large files, such as research data. The files are stored in the Netherlands. Encryption provides added security.


FileSender: open source software for sending unlimited files

Together with our international sister organisations, we developed FileSender: the open source software from which SURFfilesender originates. Before implementing new functionalities in SURFfilesender, we experiment with it within the FileSender project.

FileSender community

We developed FileSender especially for higher education and research. More than 25 countries, as well as SURF's sister organisations such as National Research and Educational Networks (NRENs), use this open source software. We are closely involved in the development of these various NRENs. Within the community, everyone is free to contribute to software improvement.

AARNet (Australia), HEAnet (Ireland), SURF (the Netherlands), and UNINETT (Norway) largely fund the FileSender project.

Experimenting within FileSender

We based SURFfilesender on FileSender's open source software. Within FileSender, we are constantly experimenting with new user functions and constantly refining the software; only then do we implement it in SURFfilesender.

More information

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