Getting started with edubadges

Are you looking to get started with edubadges for your educational setting? Do you already have a specific idea of what kind of edubadge you’d like to issue? For a single module, a faculty, a department or institution-wide? This roadmap aims at the staff of Dutch education institutions who’d like to start issuing edubadges to students.

Twee studenten in een open hal met een laptop

Why start offering edubadges?

SIG Digitaal toetsen

By issuing digital certificates, we want to make Dutch education more flexible and give student mobility a boost. This is why SURF offers a trusted and secure platform which Dutch education institutions can use to issue digital certificates to their students – in the form of edubadges.

This roadmap will take you through the preparations you will need to make before you can issue edubadges.

Step 1. Determine the purpose and added value of edubadges

Step 2. Define the structure of edubadge activities

Step 3. Decide who you need for the edubadges

Step 4. Set up the edubadges platform

Step 5. Inform students about the use of edubadges

Access to the edubadges platform

In this roadmap, we assume that your institution is already affiliated with the edubadges platform and that you can access it. If this is not the case, or if you don’t know whether your institution is already affiliated, please contact us at If your institution already has access, we will tell you who the edubadges institutional admin at your institution is. You can then contact this person with your questions about setting up and structuring the edubadges platform. If your institution does not yet have access to the platform, we will arrange this for you.