SURF Research Access Management: easy and secure access to research services

Researchers often spend a lot of time arranging secure access to the systems they need for their research. SURF Research Access Management provides research collaborations with fast, easy, and secure access to these systems.

Onderzoeker achter computer waarop onderzoeksdata te zien is

Getting started with SURF Research Access Management

Your institution can use SURF Research Access Management in multiple ways, e.g. to give your researchers easy access to research services, or ensure they can manage research collaborations. And to make your own services accessible to research collaborations.

Grant researchers access to services

Allow researchers to use research services with their institutional account. They can then join research collaborations at other institutions (that use SURF Research Access Management). All you need to do is link your institution's identity provider to SURF Research Access Management, via the SURFconext Dashboard. There is no charge for this.

Ensuring that your researchers can set up and manage research collaborations themselves

Does your institution wish to enable its researchers to set up and manage research collaborations using SURF Research Access Management? If so, you will need to 'order' the service via the SURF Dashboard, and there may be a charge for this. The ICP must place this 'order'. Read how to go about this.

Making your services accessible for collaborations

Do you want to make your service accessible to participants in a research collaboration? Then link the service to SURF Research Access Management. Read how to do that on our wiki.