Keynote Henne Holstege

Henne Holstege is Associate Professor at Amsterdam UMC - Section Head: Genomics of Neurodegenerative Diseases and Aging at the Department of Human Genetics; Alzheimer Center Amsterdam; Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam. She is the keynote for the Advanced Computing User Day 2023. 

Henne Holstege

During her biochemistry major at the University of Leiden, Henne Holstege went to Harvard University in Boston to investigate the molecular mechanisms of satiety, and the influence of genetics on this. She went on to do her PhD at the Netherlands Cancer Institute where she studied the somatic genetic aberrations associated with the development of breast cancer. In 2013, Holstege set up the 100-plus Study at the Amsterdam University Medical Center, with which she aims to identify protective genetic factors that contribute to maintained brain health.

To create a better understanding of the genetic underpinnings of Alzheimer’s Disease, Holstege ’s lab is involved in large international collaborative joint analysis of sequencing data thousands of Alzheimer Disease cases and cognitively healthy controls. With her focus on both extreme ends of the cognitive spectrum, Holstege hopes to contribute to a future with less dementia. More information:

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