Lessons learned pilot edubadges

In the pilot phase, SURF developed a shared platform for issuing edubadges. The pilot phase provided us with a lot of knowledge and experience. We collected the lessons learned, both from the development team and from the participating institutions, and summarised them in a publication.

Cover lessons learned pilot edubadges

Lessons learned pilot

Together with 16 participating institutions, we investigated which technologies and standards we would need to award badges to students and how we could implement such a system. We are applying international standards and frameworks as much as possible.

This publication describes how the institutions devised strategies for implementing edubadges and shows sample edubadges they issued during the pilot phase, for instance. We will first discuss the lessons learned by the educational institutions. Then we will look at the lessons learned by the SURF project team itself.

7 areas

From the practical experiences we gained together with the institutions during the pilot period, we derived lessons learned in 7 thematic areas:

1. Badge strategy

2. Visuals and graphic design

3. Badge contents

4. Governance (roles and privileges)

5. Implementation and upscaling

6. Feedback from students

7. Position of employers

The lessons learned by SURF:

1. Coordination of pilots

2. Technology

3. Privacy and security

4. Service development

5. Project management of innovation

6. Stakeholders

The service: edubadges

SURF will provide the edubadges service from 2020. All educational institutions throughout the Netherlands will be able to issue digital certificates in the form of edubadges to their students, using the edubadges infrastructure that SURF provides. The institutions will be able to give their own look and feel to the edubadges they issue.

For whom?

The publication is intended for educational institutions from senior secondary vocational education, higher professional education and research-oriented higher education that have participated in the pilot. It is also meant for institutions that are considering using the edubadges-infrastructure in the future. In the previous publication, Lessons learned in the edubadges proof of concept, we have already described what edubadges are, why they are important and what SURF does with them. These aspects are therefore not discussed in detail in this new publication.

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