My SURF: overview of all your IT products and services

With my SURF, member institutions can manage the portfolio of their products and services. When it comes to operational processes and managing contracts and licenses, this digital platform offers institutions an at-a-glance overview and support.

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Overview of all your IT services and products in an online portal

My SURF gives you a complete overview of your institution's portfolio of products and services. Our online portal gives you control and support for both operational processes and the management of contracts and licences. You can choose from a range of services in the areas of:

  • software
  • cloud Services
  • digital content (journals and scientific information resources). You purchase these directly through ConsortiaManager.
  • open content services

Easy management of your portfolio

On our online platform you arrange things like:

  • selecting products
  • placing orders
  • managing contracts and licenses
  • optimizing your licenses
  • reporting and management information
  • authorizing colleagues
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My SURF: cooperation with institutions

In 2020, My SURF was renewed. The new functionality is based on the wishes of the institutions. After a careful process involving many test sessions with institutions, the response has been positive:

  • the website is now clearer and more conveniently arranged
  • it is easier to find information
  • it is easier to renew licences

IT procurement

Through SURF, the members combine their demand and jointly purchase IT hardware and software on the best possible terms. To this end, SURF enters into agreements with suppliers on behalf of the members, carries out tendering procedures, and makes arrangements about security and privacy via processor agreements. The approach taken by SURF is catching on. The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs placed SURF in the top five most innovation-friendly (IT) purchasing organisations in the public sector.

On the portal, as on the website, you will find all the information you need about the three different procurement options available to SURF: tendering, model contracts, and the DAS (Dynamic Procurement System). The tender calendar enables you to see immediately which tenders are currently running and which will be launched in the future. Each current tender also has a detail page where you can read more about the scope, status, and phase of the project, among other things.

IT procurement metrics 2021

  • In 2021, SURF managed contracts with more than 65 suppliers on behalf of its members 
  • Members purchased more than €62 million worth of hardware and software through SURF in 2021
  • New, innovative procurement techniques were deployed, such as a dynamic purchasing system and a model contract
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Content procurement

In addition to purchasing IT, you can also contact SURF for the purchase of content. SURF concludes agreements with publishers on behalf of the university libraries' consortia. Through ConsortiaManager, institutions can place their orders for content products from a wide range of international publishers. By licensing these products, institutions can offer their researchers and students access to many (scientific) journals and databases that they can use in their research and teaching.

Content procurement metrics 2021

  • Over the past three years, SURF has helped increase the number of open access articles to 59% by 2021
  • SURF offers over 74 agreements in 2021 based on 72 suppliers, both large and smaller publishers, with a total turnover of €44.7 million net (excl. VAT)
  • In 2021, several large (and smaller) agreements were renewed and/or extended with great emphasis on Open Access

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