Whitepaper: Is the 'Supercloud' the next stage of the cloud?

The cloud is becoming increasingly larger and more important due to the increasing use of data storage and retrieval, also for education and research. As the need for cloud computing increases, the complexity of working with different cloud providers increases for both users and administrators. Can the concept of one Supercloud help alleviate these challenges? More inspiration in this whitepaper.

Cloud comes in many shapes and sizes (private/public, hybrid, multi, etc.). In Europe, cloud adoption is around 26% and is mainly dominated by Big Tech. The complexity of using different clouds is increasing, as is the dependence on limited knowledge, lead time, security and privacy. The concept of Supercloud emerges as a solution. But is this concept feasible?

About the whitepaper

The SURF whitepaper “Is the “Supercloud” the next stage of cloud?” explains the concept and provides four future scenarios. Given the complexity and potential obstacles, predicting the realization of the Supercloud is challenging. However, the scenarios give an idea of ​​the potential of a (successful) establishment of cloud infrastructure in Europe. Just because we may not achieve the Supercloud dream in its purest form doesn't mean the journey isn't worth pursuing.

Next steps

So what are the next steps? In any case, the Supercloud provides an opening for discussion for better integration and smarter governance.

Supercloud 2024 white paper
Whitepaper Supercloud 2024

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