XR for education and research

Extended Reality (XR) technology can add value to both research and teaching and brings challenges. How do you integrate XR into teaching and research? How do you handle applications? And what does it mean for privacy and ethics? SURF promotes the use of XR in research and education and helps institutions to do so.

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Responsible XR

Public values for XR in education and research

What should you think about when it comes to eXtended Reality (XR) technologies and public values within education and research? We describe the use of XR in two different examples to understand what new questions arise from the perspective of public values.

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magic leap

Blog | Magic Leap headset

Some time ago, SURF got its hands on the Magic Leap 2. An augmented reality headset that was shrouded in mystery. To unravel the mystery of the Magic Leap 2, Casper van Leeuwen and his team scrutinised its capabilities. They share the results in the blog.

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Harry Bitter

VR makes preparing and practising practicals life-like

Students often find chemistry practicals exciting. A lot can go wrong, resulting in quite high costs and safety risks. WUR developed a virtual chemistry practical together with the RUG to let students first practice virtually with virtual reality glasses in preparation for physical practicals.

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Banner National XR Day

Save the date: National XR Day 2024

A National XR Day will be organised for the second time on 3 July 2024. This time, the event will be hosted by the University of Twente and Saxion. Put this date in your diary already. For questions send an email to xr@surf.nl.

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Livestream XR

Livestream: answers to questions on XR in education

You work in education and you see that XR (eXtended Reality) is growing. What are the opportunities, challenges and limitations for XR in education? Esther Van der Linde and Casper van Leeuwen answered all your questions. Did you miss the Livestream?

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Esther Mertens XR day 2023

Highlights National XR Day

The first National XR Day was organised by SURF and TU Delft Library on 5 July. More than 220 visitors interacted and discovered what eXtended Reality (XR) can bring to education and research. The National XR Day was a real eye-opener for the possibilities that exist in the field of XR. Read more about the highlights of the National XR Day or watch videos of the presentations that were recorded.

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National XR day 2023

A National Day to Reflect on XR and our Responsibilities to each other

As XR technologies become increasingly ubiquitous in our daily lives, it is crucial that we explore the ethical implications and consider ways to promote responsible use and understanding of impact in education and research alike.

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XR on tour

What you need to know about WebXR

WebXR is a browser-based API implementation that provides standardised access to most inputs and outputs of an XR device. It allows you to create one application and use it on many different types of XR devices. Read visualisation specialist Jasper van Leeuwen's blog if you want to know more about WebXR.

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Apple vision pro

Apple Vision Pro

The world of eXtended Reality has felt different since Apple entered the XR market with the announcement of the Vision Pro headset. After years of rumours that such a moment would come, the XR market changed overnight. Paul Melis and his team explored what the Vision Pro could mean for XR in education and research.

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Trendreport cover chapter eXtended reality

Trend report eXtended Reality

  • Enriching XR by combining technologies
  • Virtual social interactions are becoming more sophisticated
  • New equipment for new realities
  • An increasing number of ethical concerns
  • A fragmented ecosystem

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XR in het kort

XR factsheet

For anyone wanting a brief overview of eXtended Reality for education and research.

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XR in het onderwijs

Edition XR in education launched

What are the possibilities, opportunities, applications, challenges and obstacles of eXtended Reality for education? Who are engaged in this? Where are we now and where are we going? Read more in the issue XR in education.

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Student PleitVRij

Students learn virtual pleading with PleitVRij

At Utrecht University, law students emerge from a classroom in their gowns. They practise pleading in a virtual environment. This way, they can practice their speaking skills in a realistic way and learn from each other. Their first reaction; 'what a cool experience!

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Leerling met VR bril

Good examples XR in education

Looking for good examples of educational innovation with ICT? A number of good examples related to XR have been developed. Download the good examples and use them to innovate your education!

Innovation with VR and 3D theatre

An innovative working form combining VR and 3D theatre

Download the template here >

VR Fire Safety

VR module Fire Safety as part of the Aviation Services course

Downloadthe template > or the article >

VR Pharmacy Assistant

Using virtual reality to successfully practice practical skills

Download thetemplate > or the article >

VR Low literacy

A VR module to raise awareness of low literacy

Download the template >

VR Motivational Interviewing

Practising motivational interviewing in Virtual Reality

Downloadthe template > or the article >

XR tool for patient case studies

XR tool for students with specific case histories to prepare for practice

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Man in grijs shirt stelt een vraag

XR Developer network

With the XR Developer network, we want to bring people together to take the use of XR for education and research in the Netherlands to the next level from a technical and development perspective. The XR Developer network organises regular meetings and builds a thriving community around the technical sides of eXtended Reality. Are you interested in joining? Read more about the XR Developer network or send an email to xr@surf.nl.

SURF Sounds

Podcast on XR

A short 15-minute podcast about eXtended Reality (XR), its possibilities and developments, use in education and research, and National XR Day on 5 July next.

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SIG Virtuality


Want to stay up to date on initiatives around serious gaming, simulations and virtual worlds within education and research? Then follow the community Virtuality or check out our YT channel @sigvirtuality.

Read more articles on Special Interest Group Virtuality.

Digitaal onderwijs in praktijkvaardigheden

Learning practical skills with technology

This community was created by the Digital Practice Skills Education (DOiP) working group of the Acceleration Plan. The working group was set up to share knowledge on digital practice skills education. Much of the knowledge is related to XR in education. Share your experience or chat with us. Read more about Practice skills learning with technology.

Vraagbaak online onderwijs

Online Education Questionnaire

The community Vraagbaak Online Onderwijs is for anyone who wants to share knowledge and experience about digital education innovation. Practice is at the heart of this community. Read the articles of the Online Education Question Board


Man met VR-bril

iotroam: safe and traceable connection of VR glasses

There is a huge growth in devices that need network connectivity to function. Think VR glasses, robots, digi-or smartboards, 3D printers, medical devices, AEDs, smartwatches and many more. With iotroam, you can connect IoT devices to your own institution's network in a secure and traceable way.

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