SURF Research Day

Mark your calendar for SURF Research Day 2023. It’s the national conference that connects research, IT and innovation. The event takes place on May 23rd 2023. It's free!

SURF Research Day
SURF Research Day ticket

Until the day itself you can decide what your Research Day should look like. You are free to choose which sessions you participate in, and you can choose from all sessions of the total programme.

Get on Board.

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Join SURF Research Day, the national conference that connects research, IT and innovation.   

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Research Support Champions

SURF Research Support Champion Awards

Award nominations

This year SURF is organising the 3rd edition of the SURF Research Support Champion Awards. The awards will be presented during Research Day 2023 on May 23.

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De Rijtuigenloods Amersfoort

Get on board!

Get on Board is this year’s SURF Research Day theme. The meaning of this motto is twofold. Find out how we can go forward in science with the help of cutting-edge technologies. Furthermore, go beyond your own discipline by connecting with people from other communities. Together, we Get on Board!

What to expect?

  • Discover current and future technologies that will help you push the boundaries of your research.  
  • Connect with research communities, peers, and people from SURF.  
  • Get inspired by prominent speakers.  
  • Share your thoughts on hot topics such as secure data sharing, open science, artificial intelligence, or energy-efficient computing.  
  • Learn how to work effectively with our high-end IT solutions.  
  • Find out who this year’s SURF Research Support Champions are.  

A day of inspiration

This interactive day is all about connection, knowledge exchange, and celebration. 

Event week SURF Research Day, SURF Bootcamp and LCRDM Day

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