HBO Knowledge Base

Making theses and research publications available

Within universities of applied sciences, many publications such as articles, research reports and graduation projects are produced by lecturers, lecturer researchers and students. HBO Knowledge Base makes these resources accessible and available for exchange and (re-)use.

Exchanging and reusing HBO knowledge

HBO Knowledge Base in a nutshell:

  • Aimed at making theses and research publications available;
  • Publications from associate professors are automatically forwarded to NARCIS and can be viewed using discovery tools such as Google Scholar;
  • Personally contributing to the continued development of the service;
  • An exchange of knowledge concerning related, current developments in the field of practice-based research.

Freely accessible knowledge

The publications which are produced within universities of applied sciences are of great value for the social and economic development of the Netherlands. HBO Knowledge Base therefore focuses on free access to results of practice-based research so that it can be used and re-used by anyone. A large proportion of the publications in HBO Knowledge Base supports open access availability, and their number continues to rise further.

For and by universities of applied sciences

HBO Knowledge Base is part of HBO Knowledge Infrastructure (HKI). HKI organises a user consultation 5 times a year at which participants provide support and exchange experiences and knowledge with one another. By attending these user consultations, universities of applied sciences have an impact on the continued development of the service itself. Taking part in HBO Knowledge Base helps to strengthen the link between universities of applied sciences.

The 25 participating universities of applied sciences are themselves responsible for making their theses and publications accessible. They then also determine themselves which resources are included in the repository and whether this can then be viewed by the outside world. Universities of applied sciences which do not have their own repository can use SURFsharekit. 20 universities of applied sciences are currently members of this repository service.

Continued development of higher HBO Knowledge Base

By offering HBO Knowledge Base, the HKI makes its contribution towards making various elements of practice-based research viewable and keeping it searchable. The aim of the HKI is to increase the impact of practice-based research in the Netherlands. To achieve this, the HKI keeps a close eye on what developments are in the pipeline in order to be able to subsequently respond in a timely manner. The HKI does this together with the universities of applied sciences themselves, and with (external) partners such as the SIA, the National Management Body of Practice-Based Research, the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences and SURF.

This is an optional SURFmarket service. 

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