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Students, teachers and researchers use SURFconext to log in to the cloud services of a range of different providers. They can do so securely and easily using the account issued by their own institution. It also makes life easier for your institution too, because SURFconext provides centralised authentication and authorisation for the services.
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Watch this video to find out how SURFconext can help your institution give users simple, secure access to the cloud services of a range of different providers.


Log in once, receive access everywhere

Your users only need to log in once with their institutional account to obtain secure access to the services that you make available. Find out how institutions are able to successfully put SURFconext into practice.

Choose from more than 170 cloud services

You can choose from more than 170 cloud services connected to SURFconext. Choose the services that are best suited to the needs of your users.

SURFconext: for campus-wide ánd personalised services

SURFconext provides access to cloud services – not only cloud services that are used by the entire institution, such as email or a timetable application, but also highly specific services that are used by only a handful of researchers or teachers. Both types of services are important for your users, but require different approaches if simple, secure access is to be ensured. SURFconext supports both types of service. SURFconext gives institutions control over access to the available cloud services.

Advantages for your users

  • Simple, secure access to cloud services with the institution's account, i.e. no need for separate user accounts for individual services (single sign-on)
  • Protection of privacy in the sense that the minimum amount of personal data is disclosed to the service provider
  • It is always clear with which services the user's data is being shared
  • Access to services from the international education and research community

Advantages for institutions

  • Secure, controlled use of cloud solutions for your users
  • Easy to grant access to your own services to users from other institutions (both national and international)
  • New innovations – both for and by institutions – on an ongoing basis
  • Clear details of agreements with service providers

Advantages for service providers

  • Easy access to the international education and research sector
  • Confidence that the user accounts are genuine (user is who they say they are)
  • User authentication is outsourced: provider no longer has to store passwords or provide related support to end users
  • Support and expertise from SURFnet

Ongoing development of SURFconext

The SURFconext team works with institutions and service providers on an ongoing basis to further develop the SURFconext service. For example, in 2015 we launched SURFconext Strong Authentication. This service is re-named to SURFsecureID. This made access to services even more secure through the use of an additional means of authentication such as SMS, tiqr (smartphone app) or Yubikey (hardware token). In 2016, we launched SURFconext Authorisation Rules: this allows institutions to grant specific groups of users access to services, or indeed to prevent them from accessing services, through SURFconext Dashboard.

We also offer solutions for other types of online collaboration: for example, we are investigating the possibility of guest access to external researchers or bidders.

More information

This service is included in the core SURFnet package

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