SURFconext in practice

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A large number of institutions have successfully carried out projects using SURFconext. Examples are VU, UvA, Avans University of Applied Sciences and NBIC. Signle sign-on, cross-border collaboration are functions that were implemented using SURFconext.
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International collaboration with Virtual Campus Hub of Eindhoven University of Technology 

Virtual Campus Hub is a project with four universities in Europe. The project aims to create a platform which will significantly lower the barriers for cross-institutional and cross-border collaboration in education. Read more

Online collaboration between staff and students of VU University Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam

The VU is running two pilots with SURFconext. Rob van Leeuwen and Marcel Noordzij of the VU reveal how SURFconext can boost online collaboration between VU staff and students. Read more

NBIC and CTMM interested in Single Sign-on

The Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre (NBIC) and CTMM, a cooperative venture involving several different medical research centres, are both interested in SURFconext’s Single Sign-On. They have joined forces in order to reap greatest benefits. Read more

JISC uses open source software OpenConext 

SURFconext is a very interesting development for JISC (originally the Joint Information Systems Committee). JISC promotes innovation in education and research in the UK and is now testing the possibilities of collaborating with OpenConext. Read more

SURFnet aiming for innovation

Together with cloud providers and institutions, we are working on innovative solutions that make it easier to work together online. Do you have an innovative idea you would like to share with us? Please contact us.

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