Connected with education and research worldwide

SURFinternet offers Dutch education and research institutions a fast and reliable Internet connection of 1 to 100 GB/s. With SURFinternet, all users in the education and research communities are connected to each other and can collaborate nationally and internationally.

Stable, expandable Internet

SURFinternet offers your institution high-quality, stable, safe Internet access which is always available. SURFinternet can be flexibly expanded, so you always have enough bandwidth for collaboration projects between educational institutions, data-intensive research projects or other ICT applications, for example.

Superfast, redundantly configured network

When you use SURFinternet, your institution will be connected to SURFnet's superfast network. There are two specific core routers for SURFinternet, which provide the connection to the Internet. This guarantees a high level of availability. SURFinternet offers a number of connection models with different types of fibre-optic interfaces and routing protocols.

Support in the event of faults and security incidents

After purchasing SURFinternet, you can rely on 24-hour support for network management. You can contact our SURFnet Helpdesk to report faults and operational activities. If you have a query about ongoing changes (or incidents) which already have a ticket number, the SURFnet NOC will provide you with assistance. Within SURFnet, the Network Management Expert Team is responsible for complex network management and special projects on the network.

In addition, the SURFcert team will provide your institution with 24/7 support in the event of security incidents. This part of the service is a standard feature of SURFinternet and is included in your connection charge.

Optimum connectivity with education and research

SURFnet provides a fast connection to international education and research institutions, through network connections to the pan-European education and research network G√ČANT and NetherLight, but also through a number of Internet Exchanges, such as the Amsterdam Internet Exchange. This enables online collaboration with partners all over the world, even when large volumes of data are involved.

More than just Internet access

When you purchase SURFinternet you also gain access to a number of other services which are part of the core SURFnet package, such as SURFconext, eduroam, SURFcert and SURFlichtpaden.


This service is part of the core SURFnet package and is therefore included in the fixed connection charge for SURFnet. Bandwidth upgrades will be subject to additional charges.

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This service is included in SURFnet's core package.

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