Customise your network connections

SURFlichtpaden enables you to create ultra-fast connections between two locations. Light paths provide security, reliability and guaranteed high capacity.

Direct, secure and fast connection

SURFlichtpaden offers:

  • High bandwidth
  • A high level of security
  • A high degree of reliability
  • Low latency and jitter

Check out the advantages of SURFlichtpaden.

Light path applications

A light path is a direct, secure and fast connection between two points that can be used for the following purposes:


SURFlichtpaden can, for instance, be used for the exchange of data stored externally, in collaboration with other institutions within the education and research sector. National light paths can also be used to easily access dislocations.


A researcher in the Netherlands can establish direct contact with institutions and researchers abroad. This provides unique, global opportunities to, for instance, conduct research more efficiently and to share computer facilities or large databases. See examples of international light paths.

To cloud providers

Examples include making backups at an external location or setting up light paths to other data centres.

For light paths to countries outside the Netherlands or to cloud providers a link is installed to the open optical exchange NetherLight.

Who uses SURFlichtpaden?

SURFlichtpaden is available for users of ICT applications to which stringent requirements apply with regard, for example, to bandwidth, delay and jitter guarantees or security.


The rates for SURFlichtpaden depend on the bandwidth required and the type of light path. Check out the SURFlichtpaden rates.

Request a light path

The contact person for the institution can request a light path via the SURFdashboard, or contact SURFnet Customer Support (

Setting up your own light paths using the SURFnet Network Dashboard

Anyone who has a Multi-Service Port (MSP) can also set up their own light paths to other institutions in just a few minutes, without SURFnet NOC needing to become involved. People with the role of infrastructure manager in SURFnet Authorisation Management can use the "Request" tab on the SURFnet Network Dashboard to set up light paths themselves.

More information

This service is included in SURFnet's core package.

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