Issuing digital certificates to learners

edubadges is the platform for digital certificates, including microcredentials, for the Dutch education sector. With an edubadge, you give learners proof of the knowledge and skills they have acquired. An edubadge is issued digitally within SURF's secure and reliable platform.


Recognition of learning outcomes achieved

With an edubadge, learners demonstrate that they have acquired certain knowledge and skills in regular accredited education or during a non-formal education pathway.

Lifelong development

The edubadges are linked to a new cross-institutional identity, eduID, which will last a lifetime.

1 platform for Dutch education

The national platform allows edubadges to be comparable, interchangeable and stackable.

Student privacy first

Through the platform, learners consent to the use of their personal data to issue the edubadge and can decide whether and with whom they want to share the edubadges.

Easily check authenticity

Any edubadge issued, shared with an external party, can be checked for authenticity at the touch of a button.

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Rob van der Werff

Rob van der Werff


What are edubadges?

With an edubadge, as a teacher, you reward your students for what they have achieved. This digital piece of evidence provides a lot of information about the content of the learning outcomes achieved. In the edubadges backpack, students collect all edubadges and can share an edubadge with employers or other educational institutions. This can facilitate switching from education to work and also switching between programmes.

edubadges in brief

Infographic edubadges

The infographic summarises at a glance what edubadges are like and how it works.

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What does edubadges mean for the teacher?

Watch the video for an explanation on how to issue edubadges to students or workers as proof of knowledge and skills they have gained.

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Want to know if your institution is already using the service or how your institution can join the service, go to 'starting with edubadges'.

Npuls - microcredentials

We are working on the further development of edubadges, among other things to contribute to the ambitions of the Npuls programme. To let students choose and follow their own learning route, within which microcredentials have a recognisable and identifiable value.