Safe internet everywhere

eduVPN makes untrusted networks secure by setting up an encrypted connection via a VPN. This way, students, teachers and researchers can safely browse the internet even from unsecured connections and you can give them secure access to your institution's protected systems.
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To be integrated into your institution network

Make services and systems within the institution network securely available over the internet via eduVPN.

Strong security

eduVPN uses OpenVPN. This open source software has been extensively verified and is considered highly secure.

Users do not need to configure anything

Users only install the eduVPN software and log in with their existing institution account (via SURFconext).

Additional security with two-factor authentication

You can integrate eduVPN with existing two-factor authentication techniques, for example SURFsecureID and Microsoft MFA.

Good support

SURF provides second- and third-line support for both institutions, and users.

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Rogier Spoor

Rogier Spoor


Two applications

  • Secure internet: when your institution purchases eduVPN, all users can encrypt all their internet traffic. This protects them from local prying eyes in any location.
  • Institute access: opens up protected institution services to specific eduVPN user groups. This allows these users - via an encrypted eduVPN connection - to also access applications relevant to them at home, such as a numbers programme, the accounting software, shared folders or staff data.

Are you a student or employee?

Want to know how to install eduVPN or have a question about eduVPN. Then go to end-user website.

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