Practice how to respond in the event of a cyber crisis

OZON is the sector-wide cyber crisis exercise for education and research that takes place every two years. During OZON, you practice how to respond in the event of a cyber crisis and find out whether, as an institution, you are already well prepared for a cyber crisis.The next edition of OZON will take place in 2025.
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Practising a cyber crisis with your institution and the industry

You practice not only how your institution responds during a crisis, but also how the cooperation between other institutions, the sector organisations and SURF works.

Practice with current and relevant threats

You practice with a scenario at the managerial and/or tactical and/or operational level based on current threats to our sector.

In addition to sector-wide exercise, also tabletop exercise by institution: NOZON

At NOZON, each institution organises its own short table-top exercise at IT or strategic level in the same fortnight.

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Charlie van Genuchten

Charlie van Genuchten


What are OZON and NOZON?

Organisations often pay attention to fire safety, first aid and other emergency preparedness. As we become increasingly dependent on digital systems, it is important to be well prepared for a cyber crisis. That's why every 2 years you can participate in the sector-wide cyber crisis exercise for our member institutions called OZON. And in the year that OZON does not take place, you can participate in NOZON, a tabletop cyber crisis exercise.

OZON 2025

During the sector-wide cyber crisis OZON, you will practise the various aspects of a cyber attack. Think of infections in the institutional network, (social) media coverage, contact with the hacker, questions from students and staff and messages from service providers. IT staff, board members, communications staff and other participants within your institution should respond to these to repair or mitigate the damage. This allows you to practice and assess how prepared you are as an institution for a cyber crisis. The next edition of OZON will take place in March 2025.


Registration for OZON 2025 is open. Register your institution via SURFdashboard. When registering, you should also immediately indicate who your institution's exercise preparer and observer are. Any questions? Send an e-mail to ozon@surf.nl.


In order to support institutions in this tabletop exercise at IT or strategic level, SURF, in collaboration with Z-CERT, MBO Digitaal and Kennisnet, is organising training sessions on setting up, observing and evaluating cyber crisis exercises and offering central exercise material. After the exercise weeks, we hold a return day to exchange experiences and lessons learned. The next edition of NOZON will take place in 2026. Using the NOZON manual, you can also organise your own tabletop exercises in the interim.

Overview of exercise materials and meetings

An overview of the exercise materials and documents can be found on the NOZON wiki. If you do not have access to the wiki, please contact Charlie van Genuchten.

To the NOZON wiki

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Apart from the hours you put into preparation, implementation and evaluation, participation costs nothing.

Rapportage OZON 2023
Whitepaper cyber crisis exercise ozone: a gap bridging exercise
Whitepaper cyber crisis exercise ozone: a gap bridging exercise