RDM Storage Scale-out

Expand your storage space easily and flexibly

Do you need extra storage capacity for research data? With the Storage scale-out module for iRODS, you make simple and flexible use of the Data Archive at SURF. For example, for storing large datasets or data that are not actively used.
Het Data Archief


Expand your storage as needed

With this service, you expand your institution's storage space as needed. The Data Archive can store petabytes of research data.


You easily link your own iRODS environment to the Data Archive.


The Data Archive stores data on tapes. This is energy-efficient, especially for long-term storage. You can configure the Storage scale-out module to meet specific long-term data storage guidelines that your institution uses.


Low costs - no 'hidden' charges for uploading and downloading.

Safe and findable

In the Data Archive, data are securely stored in a GDPR-compliant manner. Researchers can find their data easily thanks to metadata and persistent identifiers.


Support from our helpdesk.

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