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Do you also want to legitimately and securely deploy cloud services from top providers? Then use SURFcumulus!
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No tender

SURF has already done the tendering and continuously monitors quality, safety and legality.

Join the knowledge sessions

Brush up your knowledge with various courses and training programmes.

Get customised advice with SURFcumulus professional services

Together, we sharpen your needs and choose from the best cloud providers.

You pay for what you use, with no obligation

The services you use 'pay-as-you-go'
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Cloud Advisors


Cloud services centrally tendered

Together with our European partners, we pool our purchasing power and tender cloud services centrally. The process of moving to the cloud is complicated. Due to rapid innovations, complex offerings and varying user needs, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. With SURFcumulus, the it department changes to a governing organisation, allowing you to flexibly combine cloud services with your own ict infrastructure, without tendering.

Customised advice with SURFcumulus professional services

Need help starting up, building or managing your cloud environment? In SURFcumulus professional services' online purchasing platform, we selected the very best specialists in the research and education sector. Together, we will find the market party that suits you best!

SURF helps not only your students, but also you to get the best training. We made agreements with several cloud providers about training courses. You attend these for free or at a greatly reduced rate.

View the training courses especially for SURFcumulus users here.

Cloud provider Website
Google Cloud Platform ( Website
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Website Fastlane
Oracle (Quistor)

Website Quistor

Microsoft Website Microsoft ESI programme

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How does SURFcumulus work?

With SURFcumulus, you choose from various cloud providers from inside and outside Europe. You pay according to use, with no obligation. SURF contracts out Europe-wide and checks the quality, safety and legitimacy.