Register and manage internet domains easily

As an ICT administrator, you register and transfer internet domains easily via SURFdomeinen. Managing the DNS is also easy, via the online portal.
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Make changes in real time

You make changes in real time in the portal

Make use of DNS resolvers

Through SURF, you can use three DNS resolvers. Our DNS resolvers also support DNS-over-TLS

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Online portal for domain management

With the online SURF domains portal you can easily:

  • register new domain names (.nl, .com, .eu, .info, .net, .org)
  • transfer domain names to SURF
  • delete domain names
  • change registrant or contact details
  • change name servers
  • managing (reverse) DNS
  • manage DNS zones located on SURF name servers
  • enable DNSSEC for .nl, .com, .net and .org domains

Who is SURFdomains intended for?

SURFdomains is used by ICT administrators. You can use SURFdomains if your institution is connected to the SURF network. Users must either have the role of domain manager or DNS administrator. Your institution contact can assign these roles via SURFdashboard.

DNS resolvers

You can only use SURF resolvers if your internet connection runs through the SURF network. Also, your institution's security policy must allow you to modify your resolver. If in doubt, contact your local system administrator or ICT service centre.

Host name

IPv4 address

IPv6 address





If you want to use the strict profile for DNS-over-TLS, you need a public key fingerprint. For all SURF DNS resolvers, the fingerprint is: