Store and share your files securely in the cloud

With SURFdrive, store, synchronise and share your files easily and securely in SURF's community cloud. SURFdrive is the personal cloud storage service for Dutch education and research.
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Securely store and share files

Log in securely with your setup account and get 1TB of storage instantly.

Access anywhere, wherever you are

Access your files anywhere, anytime: from your smartphone, your tablet or your laptop.

Quickly make changes to files

Quickly see changes made to documents by others and share your documents with guest users.

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SURFdrive downloads

Install the latest version of SURFdrive on your laptop or smartphone.

How to access SURFdrive?

Educational and research institutions purchase the SURFdrive service and manage user access themselves. Do you also want access to SURFdrive? Then contact your institution's helpdesk.

Has your institution given you access? Now you can easily log in to SURFdrive via SURFconext. You can now access your data using your own institution account. SURFdrive can be accessed from all common computers, tablets and smartphones based on Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS and Android.

How does the SURFdrive web environment work?

SURFdrive makes it easy to share and edit files. SURFdrive's web environment works easily and quickly.

How does synchronising your files in SURFdrive work?

With SURFdrive, all your files are safely in the cloud, but even without the internet, you can still access all your files. Find out more about synchronising files and folders with the desktop client.

How do you share files with SURFdrive?

With SURFdrive, you easily share all your files with other SURFdrive users and externals.

SURFdrive support & documentation