SURF Research Access Management: collaborating easily and securely in research services

Research services are sometimes very specific, with a small user group per institution. Researchers often spend a lot of time arranging secure access to the systems they need for their research. SURF Research Access Management provides research collaborations with fast, easy, and secure access.

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What is SURF Research Access Management?

SURF Research Access Management gives members of research collaborations fast and secure access to research services. No more phone calls, e-mails or zero-hour contracts: the service ensures that researchers quickly have accounts for the services they need for their research.

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How does SURF Research Access Management work?

Do you also want simpler, safer and cheaper access to research services? Link your service to SURF Research Access Management!

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Why SURF Research Access Management?

SURF Research Access Management in response to identity and access challenges:

  • How do you arrange access to web and non-web research resources on the basis of an institutional account?
  • How do you regulate safe guest use of research services outside of the Netherlands, other institutions or other businesses?
  • How do researchers arrange group management?
  • How do you deal with specific research attributes and rights in applications?
  • How do you arrange consent and logging of access, and how do you comply with the AVG?
  • How do you limit the administrative workload and licensing costs from, for example, guest accounts or 0-hour contracts?

Check out the benefits for research collaborations, institutions, researchers and research services on the wiki.

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How did SURF Research Access Management came into being?

Would you like to know more about developments and initiatives that led to this service?

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