SURFconext: global access with 1 set of credentials

Let your users log in with 1 username and password to all cloud services your institution uses. Both for services that everyone uses and for services for small specialist teams. Secure, easy and privacy friendly.

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SURFconext: Secure and user- friendly access to cloud services

Want to login safely and securely to all the cloud services your institution uses? This is possible with SURFconext. SURFcoenxt connects your institution ito the service providers. SURFconext is privacy friendly and only exchanges the attributes that are really needed.

Watch this video to see how SURFconext gives students and staff easy and secure access to cloud services.

One connection to several providers

You are making an increasing number of connections to cloud services from different providers. With SURFconext, you can do this with just one link, instead of a separate link per service. SURFconext regulates some of your authentication, authorisation, group management, and agreements on privacy and security centrally for you. 

Easy and user-friendly access to cloud services with setup account

With SURFconext, your users have easy access to services from different providers. Users log in with their setup account, and have secure access to the services you make available to them through single sign-on. This offers new opportunities for working together, within institutions and across institutional boundaries, and even across national borders.

Campus-wide and personal services

As an institution, you use cloud services in various ways. Campus-wide services, such as e-mail services or digital learning environments, should be accessible to every user. And SURFconext also provides more personal services. Services that are only used by a small group of people, such as a research team or a teacher with a group of students. Find out which services are available, and how you can link your own services.

Additional functionalities

SURFconext Authorisation Rules: be in control when granting access

SURFconext Authorisation Rules: be in control when granting access

With SURFconext Authorisation Rules, you can create your own authorisation rules in the SURFconext Dashboard with a few clicks. With these rules, you can make a service accessible or inaccessible to certain users. You do this by using attributes (for instance, access for 'staff' but not for 'students') or group memberships (users from group X obtain access to service Y). You are in entirely in charge when granting access to the online services connected to SURFconext.



SURFconext Authorisation Rules are available in SURFconext as a standard service. You do not pay extra for this.

More information


  -  Read the blog post about SURFconext Authorisation Rules (in Dutch)

  - Technical information about SURFconext Authorisation Rules on the SURFconext wiki (in Dutch)

   - Would you like to share your institution's good practice? Then please contact Raoul Teeuwen via

SURFconext Dashboard: control and overview of cloud services

SURFconext Dashboard provides an overview of all the cloud services linked to SURFconext. Your institution decides which employees have access to the dashboard. Only SURFconext contact persons can log in with their own setup account. Are you an administrator at your institution and the SURFconext contact person? In that case, the dashboard offers you the following possibilities:

  • Overview and insight into the use of your cloud services.  Logging in to the SURFconext Dashboard gives you an overview of all the cloud services connected to SURFconext. And of the cloud services your institution already uses. The Statistics dashboard shows you the usage of the services, for example, the number of logins during a specific period.
  • Activate services yourself and make them available to users. You can activate the technical connection to a cloud service yourself via the dashboard. Users of your institution can then log into the service via SURFconext.
  • Setting up your own authorisation rules. Via SURFconext Dashboard, you can yourself set up authorisation rules for a service using SURFconext Authorisation Rules. This allows you to define who is granted access to a service.

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Central management of cooperation groups

As a student, lecturer, and researcher, SURFconext Teams makes it easy for you to set up a collaboration group with other users from different institutions. The management of groups is managed centrally. The groups can also be used for multiple cloud services. For example, a group can be created for members of a research team, so that only members of this team have access to protected data within a particular cloud service. Team members can also invite guests themselves to facilitate collaboration. Existing groups within the institution can be reused via SURFconext.

SURFconext Teams and SURFconext Authorization Rules

Groups from SURFconext Teams can also be used for SURFconext Authorization Rules. For example, you can use SURFconext Dashboard to create an authorization rule that allows access to a certain service only for members of a group from SURFconext Teams.

Login with account issued by institution

SURFconext Teams is connected to SURFconext. This enables users to log in with their own account issued by their institution. Log in to SURFconext Teams.

Free for education and research

Are you a student, teacher, or researcher at an institution associated with SURFnet? If so, SURFconext Teams is available to you free of charge.

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Secure your online services even better with SURFsecureID

Our two-factor authentication service SURFsecureID makes access to online services even more secure. SURFsecureID can be used separately or in combination with SURFconext. Read more about SURFsecureID and best practices.

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Are you curious how SURFconext works technically or are you looking for more background information? Then read more on the SURFconext wiki.


If you are connected to SURFnet as an institution, you pay nothing extra for SURFfilesender, as this service falls under the fixed connection fee. Request the service directly via the SURFdashboard.


Are you interested in using SURFconext? Contact SURFnet Customer Support at

This service is included in the core package of SURF services.