SURFwireless: Wi-Fi as a Service

Your users want a fast Wi-Fi network that is available anytime and anywhere. Purchasing and maintaining such a network takes a lot of time and knowledge. SURFwireless offers Wi-Fi as a Service. This provides you with a reliable, high quality Wi-Fi 6 network, allowing you to move forward technically for years to come.

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SURFwireless - wifi as a service

Wi-Fi available anytime and anywhere

Students, teachers, staff, researchers and visitors expect a Wi-Fi network that always works, is available everywhere and offers high speed. Providing such a network is complex. The Wi-Fi network needs to connect to more and more different types of mobile devices and users expect the latest wireless capabilities.

SURFwireless: Wi-Fi as a Service 

With SURFwireless you have Wi-Fi as a Service. The SURFwireless team will take care of the purchase, keeping expertise up to date, maintenance, monitoring and even the procurement of your Wi-Fi network.

You remain closely involved in the Wi-Fi network. You are responsible for the installation of access points, first line support and for the provision of the LAN. With SURFwireless, we provide customisation: we tailor your network to the Wi-Fi needs of your users. For instance, separate networks for research equipment or different groups of users. 

SURFwireless Start: Manage existing network

We can also manage your existing Wi-Fi network while your new SURFwireless network is under construction. That's SURFwireless Start. In this way, we relieve you of the burden of Wi-Fi and ensure a smooth migration to the new SURFwireless. A good example of this is the Groningen Forum. The rates are set per project.

SURFwireless Managed: a flexible rate per access point, per month

The fee for SURFwireless Managed depends on the size of your institution/the number of access points that you purchase, the contract period, and the total volume of SURFwireless. The starting fee is 25 euros per access point per month, excluding VAT. The more you purchase, the higher the discount per access point.

This includes the costs of hardware (replacements), personnel, licences, tendering, and 24x7 monitoring and maintenance. Wi-Fi 6 applies as a new standard. It allows institutions to go years ahead technically and also allows for a longer contract period.

Discount based on the number of AP's at your institution
Number of APs < 250 250-500 501-600 751-1,000 > 1,000
Discount per AP EUR 0 EUR 1 EUR 2 EUR 3 EUR 4
Discount based on the number of APs managed by SURFwireless
Totaal number of APs at SURFwireless
(now: < 4.000)
< 4,000 4,001-7,500 > 7,500
Discount per AP EUR 0 EUR 1 EUR 2
Discount based on your contract period
Contract period 4 years 5 years
Discount per AP EUR 0 EUR 1,50

Price example

As an example, we take a medium-sized college with 800 access points and a 5-year contract. The basic rate is EUR 25. Thanks to its size (the number of access points), the institution receives a discount of EUR 3. Because of the 5-year contract period, there is an additional discount of EUR 1.50. That makes the rate: EUR 20.50 per access point, per month.

Innovation within SURFwireless

We are continuously working on the (further) development of SURFwireless. We are looking into possible extensions of the service such as wifi calling, location-based services and private pre-shared key.


This is how you are connected in 8 steps:

  1. Together with the SURFwireless advisor, you look at your current network and discuss what the new network should be able to do
  2. You will receive an indicative offer. After signing the letter of intent, our advisors will get to work for you.
  3. Our advisors will visit you, so you can test the network on a small scale.
  4. We make a concept technical design and together with your advisor, you draw up a migration plan.
  5. We perform the site survey and give you instructions for placing access points.
  6. You start installing the hardware.
  7. We perform tests and start training at the first line helpdesk.
  8. You're done!

Would you like to go through the steps in more detail? Have a look at our handy info graph here. (dutch)

For whom?

SURFwireless is available if your institution is connected to SURFnet. SURFwireless is purchased per building (location), so that your users do not experience problems with roaming.

More information

This is an optional SURF service.