Tech Trends

This trend report aims to help us understand the technological developments that are going on around us, to make sense of our observations, and to inspire. We have chosen the technology perspective to provide an overview of signals and trends, and to show some examples of how the technology is evolving.
SURF Tech Trends 2023

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Trendreport cover Artificial Intelligence

Chapter Artificial Intelligence

Read all about the trends on AI.


Trendreport cover chapter Edge

Chapter Edge

Read all about the trends on Edge.


Trendreport cover chapter Advanced computing

Chapter Advanced Computing

Read all about the trends on Advanced Computing.


Trendreport cover chapter Network

Chapter Network

Read all about the trends on Network.


Trendreport cover chapter Quantum

Chapter Quantum

Read all about the trends on Quantum.


Trendreport cover chapter eXtended reality

Chapter eXtended Reality

Read all about the trends on XR.


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