5x impact in 2022: Autonomous sector? Direction with members

What are the latest developments in the Dutch education and research sector? Find out more about the changes to privacy agreements for Zoom. And read more about the online seminars on protecting public values, the new requests for computing time on national computing services and about the exploration for direction on study data.

Groep mensen voor laptop
Groep mensen voor laptop

Zoom updates privacy terms after intensive consultation with SURF

After intensive consultation with SURF, Zoom made changes to the privacy agreements for all Education and Enterprise users in Europe. In addition to these adjustments and new contractual agreements, SURF advised institutions to implement a number of recommended measures and make new agreements with Zoom.

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Yvonne de Haan

Public values seminar

With a series of online seminars for directors in education and research, SURF started the conversation on how we as a sector can act together to protect public values in ict. With director Yvonne de Haan of the HAN, seminar participant, we looked back on the first three meetings.

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Researchers know how to find our national computing services better

More and more researchers are using our national computing services. NWO awards computing time six times a year. Researchers can request computing time, storage and support on the following computing systems: HPC Cloud, Lisa computing cluster, Snellius supercomputer, Data Processing (Grid, Spider) and Custom Cloud Solutions.

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Vier studenten kijkend naar een mobiele telefoon

Exploration Control of study data by students

Institutions collected a lot of data about and from students. More direction on this data from the student perspective is desirable, so that the student has insight and control over the processing of personal data within the educational process. An exploration was carried out in 2022 to see what the possibilities are for an infrastructure for directing student data.

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Regie op data

Working together to direct data

What should we do with the data produced within institutions? Numerous possibilities are coming within reach, for better research and teaching. But are we on the right track? How did we get control of our data?

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