Council members of the Scientific Technical Council

The Scientific Technical Council (WTR) is an independent advisory body established in 1986. The Council provides the Members' Council, the Board and the Supervisory Board with solicited and unsolicited advice on strategic, scientific and technical aspects of the SURF cooperative's activities.

Prof. mr. A. Oskamp (chairman)

A. Oskamp
  • Appointed for a 2nd term, ending 08 December 2024.

Prof. dr. E.W. Berghout

Prof. dr. E.W. Berghout
  • Professor Computer Science, Information Systems, Faculty of Economics and Business, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.
  • Specialism: Information management, IT Governance, New Business Models, Big Data Implementations, IT Auditing and Security.
  • Appointed for a 2nd term. Ending on 9 October 2025.

Dr. Paola Grosso

Dr. Paola Grosso
  • Associate Professor at the Informatics Institute within the University of Amsterdam, Head of the Multiscale Networked System (MNS) research group, director of the Graduate School of Informatics.
  • Specialism: Future Internet, Programmable Networks.
  • Appointed for a 1st term ending 07 April 2024.

Prof. Lynda Hardman

Lynda Hardman
  • Manager Research & Strategy at Dutch national research centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI), Professor part-time at Multimedia Discourse Interaction at Utrecht University, Director of Amsterdam Data Science, European director of LIAMA.
  • Specialisms: human information interaction, information visualisation, semantic web, topic-based literature exploration.
  • Appointed for a 1st term ending 09 June 2024.

Drs J.J. Jasperse

WTR lid J.J. Jasperse
  • CIO and┬áManager Information and Automation Service , HZ University.
  • Specialism: IT and organisation, information and process management and data warehousing.
  • Appointed for a 3rd term, ending 17 June 2023.

Prof.Dr. L. Kester

Liesbeth Kester WTR SURF
  • Professor of Educational Sciences at Utrecht University.
  • Specialism: Instruction design of e-learning, blended learning, game-based learning, multimedia learning, personalized learning and self-regulated learning.
  • Appointed for a 1st term, ending 17 June 2023.

Dr. Andrea Klaeijsen

  • Head of the multidisciplinary teacher-researcher team Personalized Learning at VISTA college
  • Specialism: personalised learning, flexibilisation of education, knowledge infrastructure in the field of Vocational Education and Training
  • Appointed for a 1st term ending 09 June 2024.

Dr. M. Kleppe

WTR-lid Martijn Kleppe
  • Head of Research at the Royal Library.
  • Specialism: Digital research infrastructure for the humanities, digital heritage, access to digital archives using AI.
  • Appointed for a 1st term, ending 17 June 2023.

Prof.Mr. A.R. Lodder

WTR-lid Arno Lodder
  • Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation.
  • Specialism: law and internet, such as privacy, security, liability, contracting, freedom of expression, cybercrime; and phenomena related to algorithms, social media, cyberwar, smart devices and apps.
  • Appointed for a 1st term, ending 17 June 2023.

Prof.dr. P.R. Luijten

Peter Luijten
  • Professor of Functional Medical Imaging at the UMC Utrecht and director of the UMC Utrecht en directeur van het UMC Utrecht Center for Image Sciences, Chief Scientific Officer van het Center for Translational Molecular Medicine.
  • Appointed for a 2nd┬áterm ending 13 June 2025.

Prof. dr. ir. H.J. Sips

H.J. Sips
  • Full Professor (previous Chair, emeritus) in Distributed Systems of the Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS/EWI), Delft University of Technology.
  • Specialisme: Parallel computer architectures, parallel programming, mobile computing, and distributed systems.
  • Appointed for a 3rd term ending 31 December 2023.

Prof. dr. E.A. Valentijn

E.A. Valentijn
  • Professor by special appointment of Astronomical Information Technology, University of Groningen, Head of OmegaCEN, Coordinator Target.
  • Specialism: (Big) data management, information technology and public-private cooperation in health care, digital heritage and search technology.
  • Appointed for a 3rd term, ending 08 December 2024.