Workshop Working on Data Stewardship? Meet your Peers!

Date: 01 DEC 2017 

LCRDM and UKB working group Research Data (in collaboration with SURFacademy) are organizing the second edition of this networking meeting for colleagues working in the new data professions. During the meeting, participants will get to know each other and learn from each other’s experiences.

01 Dec 2017
Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht (locatie Uithof)
Prior knowledge needed?
Meeting type

This second edition of the networking meeting aimt to connect those working in the new data professions, such as data stewards, data scientists, and research data managers.

Several speakers will give presentations on aspects of these new data professions, such as the position and responsibilities of the data steward within the organisation, and how to motivate engagement. In addition to these presentations, participants will discuss specific topics in break out sessions. Examples of these topics are project management, data management plans, and collaborating and sharing data in the cloud.

For whom?

This networking meeting is relevant to colleagues working in the new data professions at universities and research institutes. These people provide research data management support to researchers. Various job titles refer to his role, such as data steward, data scientist, or research data manager.


Day chair: Tessa Pronk (Universiteit Utrecht, chair UKB working group Research Data)

10.00 uur Coffee and tea

10.15 uur

Plenary: Data manager, steward, officer, controller, ...? Who are you and what do you do? 
by Rob Gommans (Radboud University and member LCRDM working group Engagement)

10.30 uur

5-minute pitch: Data Stewards are working from various focal points. Their role can be advisory, analytical, or focusing om project management, faculty support etc. In this session four stewards will enlighten their specific role

  • Advisor (Delft) - Jasper van Dijck
  • Analyst (to be confirmed)
  • Manager Projects (Utrecht) - Frans de Liagre Bohi
  • Data manager Faculty (Nijmegen) - Rob Gommans
11.10 uur Room change
11.15 uur

Break-out sessions 1:


How do Data Stewards deal with privacy: the Code of Conduct for personal data and the GDPR in practice.
by Marlon Domingus (Erasmus University; chair LCRDM WG Legal Aspects)  


Monitoring versus support: What's the difference? Dividing RDM tasks between institutional data stewards and a central support desk (University Library)
by Mijke Jetten, Maaike Messelink (Radboud University Library)  


Shades of Open
by Rob Hooft (Dutch Tech Center for Life Sciences/DTL; member LCRDM WG Engagement) and Ton Smeele (University Utrecht; member LCRDM WG Engagement)

12.00 uur

Room change

12.05 uur Plenary:Feedback on break-out sessions
12.20 uur Lunch and networking opportunity 
13.15 uur

Plenary: And the right answer to this question is…. Test your RDM Knowledge Quizzzz

13.45 uur

Break-out sessions 2:


Case 1: Metadata: data on data – how to handle metadata in all day RDM practice at Utrecht University 
by  Frans de Liagre Bohl (UU)  


Case 2: Selection, Archiving and Publication of Data – how to treat the data well  - RDM practice at a University Medical Center 
by (T.B.C.)

3.  Case 3: Research Data Management in the Cloud: Current Practices, Tools and Challenges
by Rob Gommans, Radboud University/Member LCRDM WG Engagement/Mariëtte van Selm (T.B.C.)

Case 4: Carrots or Sticks – Cultivating, Sharing, Curating and Preserving Data
by Henk van den Hoogen, Maastricht University/Member LCRDM WG Engagement).

14.45 uur

 Room change

14.50 uur

Plenary: Feedback on break-out sessions

15.05 uur Tea break
15.30 uur

Plenary presentation: Tools, Tips & Tricks from LCDRM and UKB WG RD

15.45 uur How to motivate engagement
16.15 uur Closure


More information

  • 1st Networking Meeting: Working on Data Stewardship? Meet Your Peers! – 3rd October 2017
  • 3rd Networking Meeting Working on Data Stewardship? Meet Your Peers! March 2018

For more information please contact Ingeborg Verheul. Coördinator Landelijk Coördinatiepunt Research Data Management.

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