Seminar VARR out! Virtual and Augmented Reality for Research - FULL

Date: 05 NOV 2018 

On the VARR out! seminar the University of Amsterdam and SURF bring researchers together who (want to) use Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in their research, makers, and AR / VR technology. The focus is on use cases and improving collaboration. Be surprised by new insights; for example; does 'mixed reality' ring a bell?

05 Nov 2018
SURF, Utrecht
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For whom?

Are you applying Virtual Reality and/or Augmented Reality in your research, or do you have a very high interest in VR/AR and research? Then don’t miss out on VARR out! Seminar.


10.00 Registration and coffee
10.30 Welcome, Paul Melis, Senior Advisor Visualisations SURF & Vivien Linger, manager Innovation in Research & Education, ICTS Services, UvA and AUAS
10.45 Keynote speech by Bert Bakker, Assistent Professor, Amsterdam School of Communication Research - 'The potential of VR/AR in Political Sciences' (pdf)
11.30 Parallel sessions - read more about the parallel sessions
12.30 Lunch & demo's
13.30 Parallel sessions - read more about the parallel sessions
15.00 Coffeebreak & demos
15.30 Keynote speech by Dennis Vroegop, Managing director Interknowlogy Europe - 'Mixed Reality: a new way of interacting with data' ()
16.15 Discussion & Closing
17.00 Drinks & Bites & demo's


Keynote speakers

Dennis Vroegop - Managing Director Interknowlogy Europe - Mixed Reality: a new way of interacting with data

Mixed Reality combines the real physical world that we live in with virtual images and sounds but it does so with respect to that physical world. In other words: it blends them in such a way we cannot really distinguish between what’s real and what is not real without having a good look.

Dennis is the managing director of Interknowlogy Europe, a software architect, speaker and ten times awardee of the Microsoft MVP Award (C#, Surface, Hardware Interaction Design and Development, Kinect for Windows and Emerging Experiences). Dennis is the author of the book Microsoft HoloLens Developers Guide. And co-author and trainer on the LinkedIn Learning course App Development for Microsoft HoloLens

Bert Bakker - postdoctoral researcher at the University of Amsterdam - The potential of VR/AR in Political Sciences

Bert explores the extent to which personality affects the stability and change in political attitudes. Bert is involved in a project addressing the psychological roots of populism and a new research project addressing the physiological responses to news content. His research appeared in European Journal of Political Research, Political Psychology and European Union Politics. For more information:

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