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Date: 18 DEC 2018 

Super Day is thé annual SURFsara event where you are immersed in the world of data, high performance computing and ICT innovation for research. Catch up on the latest developments in the field of high performance computing and data. Get inspired by top scientists and technology experts.

18 Dec 2018
EYE Film Museum
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  • Professor Carole Jackson, General & Scientific Director of ASTRON

The Universe – the ultimate big data laboratory
These are exciting times for astronomy:  powerful new technologies, systems and data capacity are delivering telescopes capable of pursuing our most fundamental questions of existence and fundamental physics. ASTRON is delivering a major upgrade to LOFAR (the LOw Frequency ARray) and is a partner in the build of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) telescope. Telescopes such as LOFAR already demand significant processing resources to process astronomical data in near real-time. In this presentation Carole Jackson will outline how we meet this capability today, and the capacity foreseen as we move into the SKA era.

  • Professor Pradeep Dubey, an Intel Fellow and Director of Parallel Computing Lab (PCL), part of Intel Labs.

Dr. Pradeep Dubeygives a presentation about the importance of machine learning and deep learning and the way it will be used in society and industry, and how it may change our daily lives. He gives researchers a view on general trends and challenges; a view and vision on the future.

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Are you a researcher, research support manager, academic policy maker or research/innovation manager in the private sector? Then don’t miss out on Super Day 2018!

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