Innovation in education and research

How can we anticipate tomorrow's developments today? In 2023, we published the SURF Tech Trends report and started developing our own AI language model GPT-NL. We won the Golden API Award for the Open Education API and launched SURFs Experimental Technologies Platform. Find out more about the innovations in education and research.

Tech Trends 2023

SURF Tech Trends 2023 Cover

In 2023, we published the Tech Trends Report. The report gives an overview of technological trends and helps to put our observations in perspective. It shows examples of how technology is evolving and is meant to understand and inspire.

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Netherlands starts building GPT-NL, as own AI language model

Neural network

In 2023, we started developing our own open language model: GPT-NL. The goal of GPT-NL is to develop, strengthen and perpetuate digital autonomy. Together with non-profit parties TNO and NFI, we are taking an important step towards transparent, fair and verifiable use of AI according to Dutch and European values and guidelines, with respect for data ownership.

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Moving education with Npuls

National growth fund programme Npuls

After the National Growth Fund grant award in 2022, 2023 was marked by the launch and development of the Npuls programme. All secondary schools, colleges and universities will build a future-proof education sector with Npuls in the coming years. 

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Open Education API wins Golden API Award

Uitreiking Gouden API Award 2023

Showing exam grades in a student app? Register online for a course at another institution? It can be done easily with SURF's Open Education API. In 2023, the application won the Golden API Award. The Open Education API allows different education systems, such as student information systems, timetabling applications and student apps, to exchange data. 

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Final report Future Campus: what will the campus look like in 2040?

Futuristic building with lots of greenery and mirrored spheres in the foreground, connected by roads

Online education has become commonplace, and generative AI will soon play as big a role in our lives as the smartphone. This begs the question: as the physical and digital worlds increasingly merge, what will the campus look like in 2040? To answer this question, SURF launched the Future Campus 2040 project in 2023. This led to a final report with four possible scenarios that institutions can use to better prepare for the future.

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Global network hub Netherlight offers connections of 400 Gbit per second

mannen met laptop

From 2023, SURF offers a network connection with a bandwidth of 400 Gbit per second via the network hub Netherlight. With this quadrupling of bandwidth, we will make data-intensive research possible in the future. Through Netherlight, researchers can establish connections to research and education networks around the world. 

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SURF launches Experimental Technologies Platform

Experimental Technologies Platform

In 2023, we launched the Experimental Technologies Platform, an open collaboration environment where researchers and IT specialists can experiment with the latest ICT technologies. With this platform, SURF contributes to finding solutions to digitisation issues in scientific research. 

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