Domain education support applications

SURF offers several procurement options for suppliers of educational support applications.

On the page 'Overview of vendors per domain' you can read which other vendors we have an agreement with. 

Internship and graduation assistance

  • Mediation agreement supplier Xebic B.V. for OnStage and Gradework. More information.
  • Tendering for internship and graduation support: SURF is preparing a tender for internship and graduation support. This is expected to be awarded in Q3 2022. For more information, see the tender calendar.

e-portfolio / programmatic testing

  • Mediation agreement supplier Parantion B.V. for Scorion. More information
  • Tendering for e-portfolio / programmatic testing. SURF is preparing a tender for e-portfolio / programmatic testing. This is expected to be awarded in Q2 2022. For more information see the tender calendar.

Software for Plagiarism Control

  • Tendering Software for Plagiarism Control II. Participating institutions in the tender Software for Plagiarism Control II, which was completed and awarded in early 2020, may enter into a new agreement software for plagiarism control through a mini-competition between the winners Ouriginal, Turnitin and Unicheck. Documentation for conducting a mini-competition is only available to institutions that participated in the tender and was sent after the tender was completed. 

FeedbackFruits Onderwijsdoetank

  • Framework agreement FeedbackFruits 2018 - 2022. The framework agreement with FeedbackFruits was established following an announcement of voluntary advance transparency on TenderNed. The contract is available to all educational institutions. More information.
  • Procurement process for new agreement with FeedbackFruits Onderwijsdoetank. SURF is in discussion with FeedbackFruits and institutions about the process that will be followed to arrive at a new contract for the Onderwijsdoetank. This is expected to be available in early 2023. 

Model contracts 

Vendor Service Link to My SURFmarket
DLearning B.V. Xerte Online Toolkits More information
CD&E Distribution Europe



More information Snagit

More information Camtasia

Docflow B.V. Document Workflow Management More information

Sensus process management

Sensus BPM Online More information informatie
Parantion B.V.

Easion Edu

Easion Edu Enterprise

More information Easion Edu

More information Easion Edu Enterprise

Entelligence B.V. qDNA More information

Mediation agreements

Vendor Service Link to My SURFmarket
Sendsteps Shakespeak More information
Linguistic Systems Euroglot More information
Courseware Articulate More information