Domain service management

Service management software provides a solution that streamlines and supports service processes. SURF offers service management software in three different ways.

On the page 'Overview of vendors per domain' you can read which other vendors we have an agreement with. 

Tender for service management software 2021

Participating institutions in the tender 'service management software 2021' can conclude a new agreement for up to 8 years through a mini-competition between the winners TOPdesk and Fujitsu. 

All documentation on the mini-competition can be found here. The documentation is only available to institutions that participated in the tender.  

  • TOPdesk supplies the product TOPdesk. More information about TOPdesk in education can be found here
  • Fujitsu delivers the product ServiceNow. More information about the Fujitsu-ServiceNow combination in education can be found here

Model Contract

SURF is working to ensure the availability of service management software through model contracts. More information about the model contract can be found here.  

  • TOPdesk is also available through a model contract. For more information, terms and conditions and agreements, please visit My SURFmarket.
  • We are currently finalizing the model contract with Infravision for the 4me product. As soon as it is available you will find the link to this agreement here. 

Agreement on mediation SURF - TOPdesk 2013-2021

Agreements will not be renewed after the end date, as this Mediation Agreement will be phased out. Further agreements can run longer than the end date of the mediation agreement (31/12/2021).