SURFdrive: store and share your files securely in the cloud

Store, synchronise and share your documents easily with SURFdrive. SURFdrive is a personal cloudservice for the Dutch education and research. Your documents are kept safe and sound in our communitycloud. 


Studenten delen bestanden zittend in de gang

Frequently asked questions about SURFdrive

Here you can find answers to a number of frequently asked questions. Is your question not included? The SURFdrive wiki provides a more detailed overview. Can't find your question there either? Contact the ICT helpdesk at your own organisation.

I can't select my institution from the login screen. How come?

Select your institution via the SURFdrive login screen. Is it not listed? Your institution does not have a SURFdrive license. Contact your institution's ICT helpdesk to discuss your options.

I can't log in to surfdrive.

Did you get an error message? Have a quick look at the SURFdrive wiki, for all error messages.

Can't select your institution? Then take a look at the question above.

Everything about safely uploading/sharing/synchronising files.

Have a quick look at the SURFdrive wiki on:

Can I use SURFdrive as a back-up?

You can. Bear in mind that SURFdrive's possibilities are not unlimited.

You can retrieve all synchronised SURFdrive files if, for example, your computer

  • crashes
  • catches fire
  • is stolen

Have you accidentally deleted files from your hard drive? Or are they damaged by a virus or cryptoware? This also happens to the files in your SURFdrive account (if synchronisation is enabled).

You can, however, restore deleted files (up to 30 days ago) and earlier versions of files (up to 14 days ago) using SURFdrive. You do this manually and one by one.

Who is responsible for my personal data processing?

Your institution is responsible for your personal data processing. You should therefore direct your questions about personal data processing to your institution.

SURFdrive is a SURF service. Educational and research institutions in the Netherlands can purchase this service and then offer it to their users (usually students, researchers, and staff members of that institution).

When you use this service, your personal data is processed. Legally speaking, the user institution is responsible for processing these personal data. SURF acts as processor on behalf of your institution.

Can i get in touch?

You cannot contact SURF or the makers of the SURFdrive software directly. SURF was set up to develop services such as SURFdrive for institutions. We do not have a helpdesk for questions from end users.

Contact your own institution's ICT helpdesk; they know all about SURFdrive implementation and user management.

Updates and tips about SURFdrive?

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