SURF Open Innovation Lab

Together with our members and partners, we explore technological innovation for education and research. The focus is on challenges of the day after tomorrow (2-5 years in the future). By experimenting with new technologies, we discover more about their possibilities and applications.

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Future Computing & Networking

We focus on understanding and assessing new computing paradigms, architectures and ideas for accelerating scientific workflows together with the scientific community.

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Artificial Intelligence

What does a digital research infrastructure for artificial intelligence look like? We are investigating this so that we can work towards new and improved components of a digital research infrastructure.

All about Artificial Intelligence

Edge-oriented Technologies

Edge computing is changing the way in which computing power is deployed: from centralised to decentralised. How will this trend develop? And what is the connection with, for example, IoT?

All about Edge-oriented Technologies

Data Processing & Data Management Technologies

Everything revolves around data. How do we ensure that we can (continue to) process, analyse and (re)use data safely and securely? We pay attention to, among other things, federated data sharing and a digital data exchange.

All about Data Processing & Data Management Technologies

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About the Lab

SURF Lab experiments with new technologies and focuses on innovations for education and research. The focus is on challenges of the future (2-5 years ahead).

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We enjoy co-creating with research and educational institutions and research communities. And we are happy to work with researchers, technology providers and the Netherlands eScience Center. Are you interested in working with us?

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Team Open Innovation Lab

  • Axel Berg: Innovation Manager Lab
  • Sagar Dolas: Program Manager 'Future computing & networking'
  • Giuseppe Gianquitto: Program Manager 'Cloud Edge Continuum'
  • Iza Witkowska: Program Manager 'Data management & Processing'
  • Matthieu Laneuville: Program Manager Artificial Intelligence
  • Mark Cole: Manager Innovation Process & Collaboration lead
  • Various project managers
  • Engineers and specialists working for SURF

Objectives of the Lab

  • Increase insight into the possible application of (new) technologies
  • Intensify cooperation with research and education
  • Share knowledge and insights gained and inspire

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