Who will win the 2016 Dutch Data Prize?

17 FEB 2016

The 2016 Dutch Data Prize is awarded to a researcher or research group that has made a special contribution by making research data accessible for new or additional research. The prize is awarded by Research Data Netherlands, a coalition of 3TU.Datacentrum, DANS and SURFsara.


Are you such a researcher or do you want to nominate a research group? You will find the nomination form soon on the website of Research Data Netherlands.

The winners of the previous editions are certainly enthusiastic:

  • "The Data Prize is a confirmation that we’re heading in the right direction." Martine de Bruin, 2014 Data Prize winner
  • "Winning the Data Prize allows us to make important improvements we have long desired." Marijke Dekker, 2014 Data Prize winner
  • "Being awarded the Data Prize, even being nominated, underlines the importance of your work. It feels good." Maarten Marx, 2012 Data Prize winner
  • "Winning the Data Prize indicates that we are on the right track." Mark van Koningsveld, 2012 Data Prize winner
  • "Show us how good your database or dataset is! For us, the Data Prize has been a jewel in our crown." Kees Mandemakers, 2010 Data Prize winner


This year, prizes are awarded in three categories: 1) humanities and social sciences, 2) exact and technical sciences and 3) medical and life sciences. The winners receive a sculpture and €5,000 to make the dataset (more) accessible (e.g. by organising a symposium or by making the data accessible online).

Who is eligible for nomination?

In order to be eligible for the Dutch Data Prize, the data must meet the following conditions:

  • The data must be in a 'trustworthly digital repository', such as a DSA-certified repository (datasealofapproval.org);
  • The data or the research potential enabled by it is of national or international importance;
  • The data makes it possible to answer new research questions or identify new answers to old questions;
  • The manager or depositor of the data has made efforts to ensure that the data is accessible and usable for others over the long term (indicators is for example high-quality metadata/documentation);
  • The data must be used extensively, or have this potential;
  • Data that was entered in previous years can be re-nominated.

More information

The award ceremony will be held November 9th at NWO in The Hague. Soon you can register online. Please find more information on the website of Research Data Netherlands (RDNL). Research Data Netherlands is currently made up of 3TU.Datacentrum, DANS and SURFsara. The coalition cooperates to secure future access to and archiving of research data.

Latest modifications 18 Feb 2016