ECI Telecom wins selection for optical layer of SURFnet8

27 OCT 2016

A tender for the optical layer of SURFnet8 has been awarded: ECI Telecom was selected as the best candidate. In 2017, ECI Telecom and SURFnet will start migrating the present optical network, after which the institutions will be able to count on 100 Gbit/s connectivity and automatic recovery of optical channels.

Tender for optical layer

On 21 October, following a European public tender, SURFnet awarded a tender for the optical layer of SURFnet8. A total of nine candidates submitted a tender. ECI Telecom was selected as the best candidate and will be awarded the contract. All bidders have been informed accordingly.

Migration to start in 2017

After verification of the tender, the contract for the optical layer will be signed in November. In 2017, ECI Telecom and SURFnet will start a migration project to replace the present optical layer with the new optical layer.

100 Gbit/s will be the new standard

With the new optical layer, 100 Gbit/s will become the standard capacity per optical channel, including regional and urban rings where necessary. This capacity is more than sufficient to handle the growth in connection speeds. A new feature of the new optical network is automatic recovery of optical channels via other optical fibres. As a result, a break in an optical fibre will not lead to a loss of capacity in the optical network.

New procedure for SURFnet8 service layer

At the end of August, a new procedure was initiated for the SURFnet8 service layer because the evaluation of the first tender showed that that there were not enough qualified parties for a truly competitive tender process. This new procedure is expected to run until May 2017.

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