SURF contributes to the fastest network in the world

21 DEC 2016

Every year, the experimental SCinet network is built for the SC-conference (Super Computing). SCinet is with 3Tbps the fastest network in the world. SURF contributed to build SCinet and used the network for a demo of network function virtualization.

High-bandwidth network

SC (Super Comping) is the world's largest conference for high-performance computing, networking, data analysis and storage. To demonstrate advanced new technologies in this field, a high-bandwidth network is necessary. As a result, every year SC launches SCinet, a high-performance experimental network. This takes one year to prepare and two weeks to build. With SCinet, SC ensures that participants have access to a fast network and eduroam for the week. With 3Tbps of bandwidth, SCinet is currently the fastest network in the world.

Contribution to the network

Over 200 volunteers from 18 different countries contribute to the success of SCinet. SURF also helped to build the temporary, experimental network and thus gained the latest knowledge about networking and network security.

Demo network function virtualization

SCinet made it possible that SURF could demonstrate the capacities of network function virtualization (NFV). Together with the University of Amsterdam, University of Groningen and the Netherlands eScience Center, SURF exhibited ambitious Dutch developments in the field of networking, high-performance computing and visualisation. Read a full report on the demonstration in the blog Demonstrating network functions with virtual reality.

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