Suppliers: pilot in the SURF demo environment of the modular digital learning environment

30 MAR 2017

SURF is challenging suppliers to show educational institutions how their products contribute to the approach of a modular digital learning environment. Suppliers can pilot in the SURF demo environment. This environment enables standards and the exchange of data between applications to be tested. Submit a pilot proposal by 1 May.

Unique opportunity

Educational institutions cannot develop this modular learning environment that enables flexible and personal education in isolation. The learning environment must also work with products shipped by suppliers. Taking part in the pilots provides suppliers a unique opportunity to keep their applications up to date as well as enabling institutions with their integration needs.

SURF demo environment: test standards and data exchange

SURF challenges suppliers to pilot by making their application suitable for data exchange within the modular learning environment. This can be achieved through full implementation of standards relevant to the product (e.g. LTI, xAPI, LIS, OOAPI, SAML/VOOT). SURF offers a demo environment in which the standards can be implemented and tested (see the infographic, pdf). We also provide support and ensure that specifications on which the exchange of data is based are available.

Requirements for participation

In order to take part, suppliers must meet the following requirements:

  • You offer one or more components of the digital learning environment, as described in the modular functional model (pdf).
  • You can set aside sufficient time for implementation and testing of the standards.
  • You must submit a pilot proposal, a brief progress report and a final report.
  • You must sign a declaration of intent.

Take part, submit a pilot proposal

We aim to have 8 to 10 suppliers taking part in the pilots. Depending on the number of applications, we may well have to make a selection. If you wish to take part in a pilot, please complete the pilot proposal template (in Word) in full by noon on 1 May 2017. We will let you know by email on 8 May whether your pilot has been approved.

Useful dates

  • 1 May - Final date for submitting pilot proposals by suppliers
  • 8 May - Announcement of suppliers whose pilots have been approved + availability of demo environment
  • 23 May - Launch in the afternoon with participating suppliers
  • 27 June - Hackathon in the afternoon for participating suppliers
  • 30 June - Submit initial feedback of experiences by suppliers
  • 29 August - Hackathon in the afternoon for participating suppliers
  • 28 September - Challenge Day: help build the modular digital learning environment

Presentation on Challenge Day 2017: help build the digital learning environment

SURF will provide suppliers that pilot the opportunity to present on Challenge Day 2017 which will be held on 28 September in Utrecht. More information on this will follow.

Pilots educational institutions in SURF demo environment

Educational institutions will also implement pilots in the demo environment. Lecturers can gain experience teaching using the modular learning environment. IT departments can also use this environment to test whether different applications can actually be integrated.

Background information

For more background information, please refer to two documents on the flexible and personal digital learning environment:

More information

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