Omani NREN connects to NetherLight via a 1 Gbit/s link

22 MAY 2017

OMREN, the Oman National Research and Education Network (NREN), is now connected to the NetherLight open light path exchange in Amsterdam from the country's capital city, Muscat. The direct 1 Gbit/s link provides OMREN with new opportunities for international collaboration.

International connectivity

OMREN was set up just a couple of years ago and is currently working hard on developing the Omani network for education and research, a key component of which is international connectivity. OMREN is now directly connected to NRENs in Europe via its 1 Gbit/s connection on SURFnet’s open light path exchange, NetherLight.

Connection to ANA-300G

OMREN chose NetherLight because it is directly connected to ANA-300G, the redundantly configured network that has three 100 Gbit/s links between North America, Canada and Europe. ANA-300G allows Omani education and research institutions to send data quickly and securely to their partners in the USA and Canada.

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