A look back at 2016 with the SURF Annual Review

01 JUN 2017

The online SURF Annual Review, which gives you a look back at 2016, contains a multitude of images, videos and links to publications and interviews. The Annual Review offers an overview of the activities that took place in 2016, and the results that SURF achieved working together with the various institutions.

Highlights include:

  • Following SURF's transformation into a cooperative in 2015, the members were involved on a greater scale in 2016.
  • SURF opened its new data centre, and we relocated the entirety of our e-infrastructure.
  • After completing the preceding innovation project, we introduced the new service, SURFwireless.
  • We are concluding new long-term contracts for leasing the SURFnet network.
  • The Cartesius supercomputer has been expanded.
  • We further developed our Research Cloud vision.
  • The institutions connected to SURFnet are free to make use of the SURFcumulus service.
  • The HPC Cloud was made accessible via SURFconext, and we made a number of major improvements to the SURFconext platform.
  • We organised various activities, including a national cyber crisis exercise, to make institutions (more) resilient against security incidents and cyber attacks.
  • The framework of legal standards was revised.
  • SURFspot sales have grown by 16%.
  • We published a report about trends in customised education and ICT, and we presented the SURF Education Awards.
  • We provided the basis for shared data and computing infrastructure for medical researchers.
  • The website of the National Coordination Point for Research Data Management was launched.

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The SURF Annual Review 2016 is a joint publication by SURFmarket, SURFnet and SURFsara.

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