Second release of SURFnet Network Dashboard available: Set up your own light paths

27 JUN 2017

The second release of the SURFnet Network Dashboard is now available. This release allows you to set up light paths between MSPs (Multi Service Ports) yourself without the SURFnet NOC having to be involved. This functionality is available to all institutions with an MSP.

Set up light paths easily

The SURFnet Network Dashboard makes it easy to request, configure and manage network services. It provides an overview of the network services and ports that are in use, available capacity and traffic graphs. The second release also allows you to set up light paths yourself from one MSP to another. Anyone with the role of 'infrastructure manager' can do this in a few minutes, without the SURFnet NOC having to be involved.

Request functionality

Before the functionality that enables you to set up a light path yourself can be used, this functionality must be activated. You can do this using the 'Request' tab in the SURFnet Network Dashboard. Light paths can then be created or discontinued using this tab.

More information

Please contact :

Richa Malhotra

Product manager Network Services

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