SIG Transnational Education is working towards borderless education

15 JUN 2017

SURFnet is a member of the Transnational Education special interest group (SIG). Through this partnership, National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) share the knowledge and experience required to make borderless education a reality.

International cooperation

The level of international cooperation in education is increasing. Students are taking classes abroad and educational institutions are sharing data on an international scale. This requires quick and secure network connections.

Technological challenges

There are many different technological challenges involved. For example, the fact that educational systems vary means that it can be difficult to make them accessible to everybody. The SIG Transnational Education was founded with the aim of tackling these challenges. In short, it enables knowledge to be shared across NRENs. The SIG currently consists of the following members: CERNET (China), Internet2 (USA), GARR (Italy), Jisc (UK) and SURFnet (Netherlands). The SIG is aiming to expand the scale of cooperation to enable more countries to share their experiences.

The SIG's areas of focus

The group is concerned with more than just what this means for students. Borderless education can help support local economies and strengthen international relations. One of the Transnational Education SIG's aims is to establish partnerships with local partners.

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