Join the Learning & Student Analytics Conference

25 JUL 2017

Learning & Student Analytics is steadily making its way from research to practice. To promote the available evidence, technology and many examples of good practices, the Amsterdam Center for Learning Analytics (ACLA) and the Eduworks-Network are organising a Learning & Student Analytics Conference, October 26 and 27 at the University of Amsterdam.

Trends and policy

Learning Analytics is a highly relevant topic for both education and research communities, involving advanced technologies like big data and data-driven decision making and is therefore high on the SURF-agenda. The aim of this event is to bring together researchers and practitioners from a number of disciplines (e.g. education, technology, computer science, management, psychology, economics, IT security etc.), organisational and national policy makers, educational practitioners, students and employers to share and discuss the latest research insights related to learning and student analytics. The conference further provides a platform for stakeholders to engage in critical conversations about current trends and the policy requirements of Learning Analytics.

More information

The registration for the conference is starting at the 1st of August and abstract submission deadline is July 30th. For more information about the Learning & Student Analytics Conference (LSAC), please visit

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