Telindus selected as SURFnet8 service layer provider

28 NOV 2017

On Monday 27 November 2017, Telindus and SURF signed the SURFnet8 service layer contract. In September, Telindus won the European tender for this. We will begin implementing the SURFnet8 service layer in 2018, following SURF’s new optical layer.

Service layer upgrade

The service layer contains the network equipment used to offer network services to institutions. The new service layer allows us as SURF to focus on the software side of the infrastructure, utilizing automation and orchestration for the desired flexibility. We are currently developing an automation architecture for this purpose. Telindus made the most suitable offer for the new service layer.

The network of the future

In order to meet users' (future) requirements, we are working towards an open and programmable network by upgrading the optical and service layers. In addition to a high degree of reliability and continuity, this network also offers greater flexibility for the development of new features and network services.

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