Albeda 50th user of eduroam Visitor Access

23 JAN 2018

More and more education and research institutions are using eduroam Visitor Access. Right now, over 50 institutions are on board; the 50th user is Albeda. "Our first pilot project with eduroam Visitor Access went very well. The technology is excellent."

Secure Wi-Fi network for students and visitors

Albeda is a large senior secondary vocational education institution in the Rotterdam region, with 120 study programmes and a broad range of short-term courses. Albeda uses 2 Wi-Fi networks: one for staff, and the other for students and visitors. The Wi-Fi network for students and visitors was only protected by a simple password. Albeda therefore initiated a project for a phased migration of the approximately 40 connected locations to eduroam. At the same time, they are also implementing eduroam Visitor Access. Arno Hartman, Product Service Manager at Albeda, comments: "Our initial focus is students and visitors, since our staff already have secure Wi-Fi access. The longer-term goal is that all staff also move to eduroam."

Pilot project with eduroam Visitor Access

Albeda launched the first pilot project with eduroam Visitor Access on Thursday, 7 December. That was at the smallest location, with about 200 students – 1% of the total Albeda student population.

For the pilot project, the eduroam Visitor Access screen for sending text messages was integrated into Albeda's SharePoint environment. That allows staff to easily and securely request one-day access for their visitors. Accounts for longer periods are issued by the ICT help desk.

Hartman: "On the evening before, we shut down the old Wi-Fi network. On the day itself there was ICT support available in case of problems, but we did not encounter any problems. So we kept eduroam Visitor Access running after the pilot project."

Positive experience from pilot project

Hartman is positive about the pilot project: "It all went well. The technology is really excellent." An important focus for the following (larger) locations is informing staff and students – what's the best way to tackle that?

Phased rollout in 2018

Right now the first pilot project is being evaluated, and plans are being drafted for other locations. From January, the other Albeda locations will be migrated to eduroam in order of size, the smallest first.

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