Knowledge Exchange releases report on Open Scholarship

06 MAR 2018

SURF is involved in Open Science in many different ways. An example of our involvement is the participation in Knowledge Exchange, an international collaboration of several European institutions like CSC, CNRS , DEFF, DFG and Jisc. This week, Knowledge Exchange has released a report on Open Scholarship.

Sustainable science

Open Science and Open Scholarship are intertwined. On, a website powered by SURF, people can find an extensive explanation about Open Science, including the following definition: Open science is the practising of science in a sustainable manner that gives others the opportunity to work with, contribute to and make use of the scientific process.

Standard procedure

At the end of last year, Knowledge Exchange organized an Open Scholarship workshop in Paris. Among the discussed themes and topics, the question was raised if sharing of research processes and results should become a standard procedure for (almost) every research project. This week, the final report of the workshop was published: Moving from ambition to reality: An account of the Knowledge Exchange workshop on Open Scholarship, Paris 2017, and a menu for possible actions for 2018 and beyond. You can download the report here.

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