Sending multiple files at once and larger encrypted files with SURFfilesender

05 APR 2018

From now on, you can use SURFfilesender, our service for sending large files, to send multiple files simultaneously. Furthermore, you can send encrypted files of up to 2 GB. The service's look has also been updated.


SURFfilesender received an upgrade yesterday. The service's stability and performance have been improved, and 2 frequently-requested functions added as well.

Multiple files at a time

From now on, you can send multiple files simultaneously. We received many requests for this functionality, as before, you needed to either send each file separately or first combine multiple files into a zip file yourself.

Encrypting bigger files

Additionally, you can encrypt files of up to 2 GB before sending. That way, they can only be opened by the intended recipient. The previous limit was 250 MB. For unencrypted files, the maximum file size remains 500 GB.

New look

Finally, we have given the service a new look, with new colours, different text and a logo. The website is now more user-friendly and it's easier for users to see exactly what SURFfilesender does and how to use this service. The emails to senders and recipients also have a new layout to prevent them from being marked as spam.

Latest modifications 05 Apr 2018