Edit SURFdrive-documents online and with others at the same time

26 JUN 2018

From now on, you can edit your SURFdrive documents using your web browser. This means you no longer need to save your files locally or install software. What's more, files that you share with other SURFdrive users can be edited by each user at the same time.

Work on documents online

From now on, you can independently edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations you save on SURFdrive via the SURFdrive website. This is useful if you do not have a text processor, spreadsheet program or presentation program on your computer. It is also easy if you work on a computer on which you do not wish to synchronise local files, for example because you do not want to – or cannot – install the SURFdrive software. Simply go to www.surfdrive.nl, log in and click on a file to edit it directly in your browser.

Work in one document at the same time

It is now also possible to work with others in a single text document, spreadsheet or presentation at the same time. If you share a file with other SURFdrive users (see the tutorials and frequently asked questions for an explanation), you can all open and edit the file simultaneously. Note: this only works if you edit the files via the website. This feature does not work if you simply share a link.


You can edit the following file formats online and with others at the same time:

  • Text documents in .docx, .doc and .odt formats
  • Spreadsheets in .xlsx, .xls and .ods formats
  • Presentations in .pptx, .ppt and .odp formats

All common browsers support the new feature, which is being phased in gradually. It is possible that you have already been able to make use of it.


Latest modifications 26 Jun 2018