• SIG Transnational Education is working towards borderless education

    News - SURFnet is a member of the Transnational Education special interest group (SIG). Through this partnership, National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) share the knowledge and experience required to make borderless education a reality.

  • Extremely high capacity (400 Gbit/s) for education and research in the Netherlands

    News - On Friday, June 9th, SURFnet together with ECI Telecom and Tallgrass deployed a 400 Gbit/s connection between Breda and Utrecht. This is the first step in the implementation of SURFnet8. With 400 Gbit/s, this new direct link offers extremely high capacity for education and research in the Netherlands.

  • Roland van Rijswijk-Deij defends his PhD thesis on improving DNS Security

    News - On June 28, Roland van Rijswijk-Deij (SURFnet and University of Twente) will be defending his PhD thesis entitled 'Improving DNS Security: A Measurement-Based Approach'. In his thesis, he investigates the use of elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) in combination with DNSSEC. He also designed a system for large-scale measurements on the DNS.

  • A look back at 2016 with the SURF Annual Review

    News - The online SURF Annual Review, which gives you a look back at 2016, contains a multitude of images, videos and links to publications and interviews. The Annual Review offers an overview of the activities that took place in 2016, and the results that SURF achieved working together with the various institutions.

  • Omani NREN connects to NetherLight via a 1 Gbit/s link

    News - OMREN, the Oman National Research and Education Network (NREN), is now connected to the NetherLight open light path exchange in Amsterdam from the country's capital city, Muscat. The direct 1 Gbit/s link provides OMREN with new opportunities for international collaboration.

  • More training in high performance computing available for scientists

    News - SURFsara has been selected as one of 4 new PRACE Training Centres (PTCs). This enables us to carry out more training events in high performance computing, which will benefit scientists from both The Netherlands and surrounding regions.

  • SURF invites nominations for changemakers in education

    News - For the second year in a row, SURF is inviting vocational education and training institutions, universities of applied sciences and research universities to nominate changemakers for the SURF Education Awards. Through these awards, SURF recognises the efforts of innovators who use ICT to enhance education.

  • Research into E-SIM security-related applications with ASPIDER-NGI

    News - In a proof-of-concept (PoC), SURFnet is working jointly with ASPIDER-NGI, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), on the potential of security-related applications on our E-SIM. How can we add and manage our own authentication and authorisation applets securely? We are looking specifically at strong authentication and access to eduroam.

  • Researchers learn about SURF services

    News - For the first time, NWO, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, brought together researchers and SURF and other providers of ICT services for research. This took place on 30 March, at a workshop on ICT Infrastructures for Roadmap projects, at SURFsara in Amsterdam.

  • Suppliers: pilot in the SURF demo environment of the modular digital learning environment

    News - SURF is challenging suppliers to show educational institutions how their products contribute to the approach of a modular digital learning environment. Suppliers can pilot in the SURF demo environment. This environment enables standards and the exchange of data between applications to be tested. Submit a pilot proposal by 1 May.

  • Relocation of Paris PoP brings new opportunities for international collaboration

    News - The relocation of our PoP to Interxion's data centre in Paris will open up new opportunities for international collaboration. This new location will allow us to use the third ANA-300G link and to supply GÉANT with alien waves.

  • PRACE 2: growth in capacity for growth in excellence

    News - “PRACE 2 is a natural next step in the successful pan-European collaboration in HPC. Our ultimate goal is to provide a world-class federated and sustainable HPC and data infrastructure to all researchers in Europe," said prof dr Anwar Osseyran, Chair of the PRACE Council. SURFsara collaborates with other national computing centres in PRACE.

  • SURFsara and Intel to collaborate on deep learning

    News - Intel and SURFsara will work together to harness the power of Intel’s new CPU architectures for deep learning. This will enable SURFsara to support researchers to train and develop more accurate and powerful models with neural networks that are more complex and on data sets that are larger than the ones typically trained today.

  • In discussions with qualified bidders over SURFnet8 service layer

    News - The qualification phase for the new tender for the SURFnet8 service layer ran until 31 January 2017. Having evaluated the bids, we selected six qualified partners with whom we will discuss the most suitable solution for our service layer.

  • HPC-Europa3 provides access to European HPC systems

    News - The European Commission has granted a proposal for the European project HPC-Europa3 (an extension of HPC-Europa and HPC-Europa2). This programme provides transnational access for researchers to advanced high-performance computing (HPC) systems available in Europe.